About Esposende

Located in northwestern Portugal, Esposende is a town and municipality in the district of Braga. The town is situated on the coast, about 30 kilometres (19 miles) west of the city of Braga. The municipality has a total area of 96.4 square kilometres (37.3 square miles), and its population was 35,491 as of the 2011 Census. Esposende is known for its extensive beaches, which are popular tourist destinations. The municipality includes several small islands, such as the Ilhas de São João Baptista, located off the coast. The economy of Esposende is based largely on tourism, with the town's beaches being the main attraction. The municipality is also home to a number of industries, including textile and footwear manufacturing. Esposende was first settled in the early Middle Ages, and was granted town status in 1258. The town's name is derived from the Latin word "expansus", meaning "extended" or "spacious". The town's coat of arms includes a crossed sword and anchor, symbolising its maritime history. The anchor also represents the town's connection to the nearby city of Braga. Esposende is twinned with: São João da Madeira, Portugal Maputo, Mozambique Rio Grande, Brazil