About Mirandela

Mirandela is a town and a municipality in Portugal. The town of Mirandela has a population of about 9,000 people. The municipality has a population of about 20,000 people. The municipality is located in the district of Bragança. The municipality covers an area of about 300 square kilometers. The town of Mirandela is located in the north-central part of the municipality. It is about 18 kilometers northwest of the city of Bragança. The town is located on the left bank of the Tuela River. The municipality is bounded on the north by the municipality of Vimioso, on the east by the municipality of Miranda do Douro, on the south by the municipality of Mogadouro, and on the west by the municipality of Vinhais. The town of Mirandela was founded in the 12th century. It was a frontier town between the Kingdom of Portugal and the Kingdom of Leon. Mirandela was given the status of a town in 1286 by King Denis of Portugal. The town was captured by the Castilians in 1367. It was recovered by the Portuguese in 1371. The town was captured by the Moors in 1410. It was recaptured by the Portuguese in 1415. The town was sacked by the French in 1810. The town was captured by the Spanish in 1811. It was recaptured by the Portuguese in 1812. The municipality of Mirandela was created in 1836. The town of Mirandela became the seat of the municipality in 1837. The municipality was abolished in 1851. It was recreated in 1855. The municipality was again abolished in 1879. It was recreated in 1898. The Mirandela municipal museum is located in the town of Mirandela. The museum has exhibits on the history and culture of the municipality. The municipality of Mirandela is served by a railway station. The station is located on the Douro line of the Portuguese railway system. The municipality is located on the A4 motorway. The A4 motorway connects the municipality to the city of Bragança and the border with Spain.