About Mogadouro

Mogadouro is a municipality in the northeastern Portuguese district of Bragança. The population in 2011 was 5,749, in an area of 506.13 km². It is located on the right bank of theDouro River. The municipality includes several parishes, including Mogadouro (the seat), Alfândega da Fé, Miranda do Douro, Vinhó, and Vimioso. The present Mayor is António Robalo, elected by the Socialist Party. The municipal holiday is 29 June. The economy of Mogadouro is based on agriculture, livestock farming (especially sheep), and forestry. The region is known for its DOC Vinho Regional Miranda do Douro wines. TheDouro International Railway Museum (Portuguese: Museu Ferroviário Internacional do Douro) is located in Mogadouro. The municipality is home to one of the largest populations of Iberian wolves in Portugal.