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Santarém is a district located in the west-central part of Portugal. The district capital is the city of Santarém. The district has a population of 241,317 (2011) and an area of 2,468 km². The present-day territory of the Santarém District was occupied by the Romans, who left their mark in the form of ruins, bridges and roads. After the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, the territory was invaded by the Visigoths. Following the Moorish invasion of Portugal, the region was conquered by an army of crusaders led by Afonso Henriques in the 12th century. The district of Santarém was established in 1836. The city of Santarém is located on the left bank of the Tagus River. The city's name means "holy temple" in Portuguese. Santarém is nicknamed the "city of the sunrise" because it is one of the first places in Portugal to see the sun rise. The city is home to the Santarém Cathedral, which was built in the 12th century. The cathedral is one of the oldest in Portugal and is a National Monument. The city also has a number of museums, including the Museum of Santarém, the Museum of Sacred Art, and the Museum of Archaeology. The district of Santarém is known for its production of wine and olive oil. The region is also known for its traditional pottery. The city of Santarém is served by a number of buses and trains. The closest airport is in Lisbon.

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