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Setúbal District is a Portuguese district located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, in the Setúbal Peninsula. It is the southernmost district of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The district covers an area of 785 km² and has a population of 353,037 inhabitants (in 2011). Setúbal District includes the municipalities of Almada, Arruda dos Vinhos, Azambuja, Barreiro, Grândola, Moita, Montijo, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra, Setúbal and Vila Franca de Xira. The district capital is the city of Setúbal. Other towns of note in the district include Almada, Grândola, Montijo and Palmela. The economy of Setúbal District is based on industry, fishing and agriculture (especially wine production). The district is home to some of Portugal's major industries, such as the shipyards of Lisnave and the electricity company EDP. The Portuguese wine industry is also an important part of the economy, with the Setúbal Peninsula being one of the country's main wine-producing regions. The district is well-connected to the rest of Portugal and Spain, with good road and rail links. The district's main airport is Lisbon International Airport, which is located just outside the district boundary in the municipality of Lisbon.

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